Angie Faith

~ Sometimes you just feel it in the wind when something is about to come along and change your life...

5.18. 2016

my thoughts....

~ Moondance 

The Pumphouse Taproom - 09.9. 2013

~ Moments captured on stage with Brian Africa. One of the most creative and soulful musicians I know. Often I'll play songs at live shows that I've never rehearsed. I like to keep my audience and musical partners on their toes. It always amazes me how Brian always fits in the pocket of where a solo should be. Truly a gifted man, always a pleasure jamming with him.. 

Cafe Deux Soleil - 1.29. 2016

~ Ever since I was a little girl it's been a dream of mine to step onto the same stage as my Daddy. The Roxy, an iconic venue of Vancouver is one of the many venues he has played in. The show that night.. well It was an electric evening and I was even lucky enough to share the stage with Dad, Brad, Randy & George. It was everything I thought it would be and so much more. A dream come true! Next stop The Commodore ..

The Roxy -  11.26. 2016

~ Our stage set up for the night. Celebrating with friends of the family. It was a great show. I couldn't believe how much positive feedback & encouragement I received. So blessed, a simple reminder of where I come from, to re affirm where I am going.. 

5.21. 2016

April 4, 2016

Before last nights show. Can't wait to see what we came up with ! It's such an incredible feeling to know, I am fully focused on my vision, my art, my love for music. self exploration & expression & feeding the creative flow. Nurturing the artist within. 

I could spend the rest of my life doing what I love ❤
I think I just may do that :)

~ On the road again. Taking miss Montana into the studio & then off the show at tangent.. day one of a new project.. Looking forward to show casing some new music tonight.. 

09.9. 2016