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Music has been part of my journey since the beginning. My parents say that I belted out notes long before I could talk.

Through writing music, my voice has continued to be strong. My passion comes through in each and every piece that I write.  My vision has become more clear as I've grown into knowing who I am as an artist. I want to inspire people, really connect with my audience make them feel something.

When I'm in the process of writing a song or even learning a song I connect with real life events. To help myself really relate to the message or emotions coming through. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. I'm never certain how it will turn out but that's how life is. A journey not a race. It's a release for me. I let it happen naturally. Let the creativity flow and create something beautiful. 

Angie Faith

I consider myself very blessed to have grown up in a family full of musicians, artists, & hard working people. My family & friends have always supported my dreams and my career in music, every step of the way.

When I was a little girl I learned all about stage presence from my father. It's funny now, when you see us on stage together if you look closely you'll see the similarities. We really bond and work well together. Thanks to him, I've been introduced to a large variety of well seasoned players.

I am proud to say I have my pick of some of the BEST working musicians Canada has to offer. It shows me that I've stepped up to their level over the years. Playing shows on my own acoustically & playing shows with the band. It's taken my work as a musician to another level.

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