Angie Faith

Angie Faith is a local singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Her freshly released EP, “Awaken” has been an exceptional success and highlight in her music career. Angie is wholeheartedly grateful to have released some of her own original music to the public ear. Awaken is only the beginning of her artistic expression; she has a full-length album in the works, “This Human Condition”, which is expected to be released in 2019. Angie is a gifted creator of music and performing arts. She has written her own originals for over a decade. She has been performing for her local communities throughout the Lower Mainland, embracing every opportunity from the neighborhood pub where everyone knows her name, to casinos, lounges, and weddings. She looks forward to future opportunities on festival stages in Canada as well as internationally. Angie Faith’s music is soulfully inspired, insightful and reaches deep into the hearts of her audience. Angie is a powerhouse vocalist, a versatile musician, an optimist and she dreams of a better tomorrow. She is a proud and frequent supporter of the Canadian charity: Innocence Lost Foundation, which assists child soldiers in Sierra Leone. She has donated many performances as well as created a song called “We All Need Love” that tore at the hearts of many, for their compilation album which is also expected to be released in 2019. Angie’s song, as well as the album itself, promotes global peace and awareness for children in need. Angie is a passionate woman who is laying down the foundation for her career in music and enjoying her journey every step of the way. At a young age, Angie knew that a career in entertainment, performing and the music was her purpose in this world. She creates music and travels the world to share her positivity. She is also in the works of planning a Canada/USA tour in 2020 for her upcoming album, “This Human Condition”. Her many fans await Angie’s next creations.